On this site, digital copies of resources are made accessible for research for one of the following reasons: Please note, some materials may only be accessible on-site due to restrictions.

The Frick Collection adheres to U.S. Copyright Law and respects the copyright and intellectual property rights held by rights holders. Therefore, efforts have been made to accurately determine the rights status of the digital resources found on this site.

The copyright status of each resource is determined according to U.S. Copyright Law and in some cases the country of origin or publication if available. Rights status statements have been established with the guidance of the Europeana-DPLA white paper, “Recommendations for Standardized International Rights Statements” found at Resources in copyright are labeled In Copyright. Resources that are in the public domain based on U.S. Copyright Law are labeled No U.S. Copyright. When a conclusive determination cannot be made according to U.S. Copyright law, but no copyright or related rights are known to exist, resources are labeled No Known U.S. Copyright. Resources published before 1790 and therefore in the public domain globally are labeled Public Domain. When the copyright determination remains inconclusive or unknown, resources are labeled Copyright Not Evaluated.

Terms and Conditions

Resources labeled Public Domain may be used and copied for all purposes. Resources labeled No U.S. Copyright may be used according to U.S. Copyright Law and may have restrictions if copied outside of the United States. Resources labeled In Copyright, No Known U.S. Copyright, or Copyright Not Evaluated may have copy and use restrictions beyond The Frick Collection’s copy and use. Where fair use applies, the resources may be copied and used as defined in the U.S. Copyright Law. If you wish to use any resource found on this site you must seek permission from the copyright holder, if applicable, including any resource copyrighted by this institution. It is your responsibility to research copyright information for using or reproducing any resources on this site, particularly those that are not labeled Public Domain, as other permissions may need to be obtained for your intended use. The Frick Collection is not liable for use or reproduction of this material if there is a claim by a third party. Please use the appropriate credit line found in the metadata for each resource.

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Take Down Policy and Procedures

In order to make our collections available to the widest audience possible, The Frick Collection has placed digital copies of selected resources online. For each of these resources, we have made efforts to ascertain the rights status. If you believe that we have made a mistake and wish for your material to be removed from our site, please contact us:
  Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian,
  The Frick Art Reference Library,
  10 East 71st Street, New York, NY 10021;
Please include the following information with your request:
The Frick Collection will respond promptly, normally within 10 institutional business days. We may remove the resource from our site while we assess the validity of the request. Upon completion of the assessment, we will take appropriate action and communicate that action to you.